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Unique Research Focus

To solve the problems of tomorrow, our researchers leverage Trace3’s unique access across the technology landscape to derive impartial insights.

An Innovative Approach to Research. We systematically test a wide array of new infrastructure products and data center technologies in order to deliver the most effective solutions to your organization.

By identifying and analyzing technology and market trends, our research allows our customers to prepare for and master tomorrow’s challenges before they arrive.

The Value of Research

Trace3’s Research team identifies emerging competitive disruptors to offer organizations true solutions to real business problems ahead of the market.

Our Research team examines new and emerging technology across seven core technology sectors daily. The conclusions reached from their analysis is added to our proprietary knowledge base for our clients to review. Magnifying our agnostic approach to delivering purpose-built solutions for clients, the research knowledgebase enables our engineers to thoughtfully identify the most appropriate offering available to meet a client’s unique business challenge.

5 Core Areas of Research

  • Collaboration with over 25 of the Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms
  • Drawing upon over 250 seasoned field engineers for real-world vetting of emerging technologies
  • Glean demand trends from Trace3’s 3000+ customers to spot leading indicators of tomorrow’s IT challenges
  • Pare down from tens of thousands of products that emerge each year to the 100 that will deliver the most real-world impact
  • Our 360 Method research process coupled with the 360 View research repository, where we track literally thousands of companies across hundreds of real-world use cases, provides immediate access to valuable intelligence

Latest Reports

Security Operation in Flux

Trace3 Research explores the consolidation of various security use cases into larger platforms; what that mean's for today's security landscape and what this foreshadows for the future.

Who should read this report?
IT Security Staff and Executives charged with protecting their enterprise's assets from today's ever-growing threat vectors.

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The Evolution of CASB Trend Report

Sitting between on-premise systems, mobile devices, and cloud services, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions are quickly forming the vital link in the enterprise security, compliance, and operational chain.

Who should read this report?
IT Operations Staff and Executives charged with increasing the security of cloud services.

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The SD-WAN Trends

As the SD-WAN market continues to gain momentum, so do questions on how best to select, design and deploy a solution.

Who should read this report?
IT Networking Staff and Executives charged with increasing the agility of their WAN while decreasing costs.

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The IT Ops Monitoring & Analytics

Choosing the right IT monitoring and analytics solution can be the difference between success and failure of an IT organization.

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Research Knowledgebase – 360 View

Stay on top of emerging technology and industry trends and set the pace with innovation.

Trace3 maintains a proprietary research repository - 360 View. Utilizing a vetted and proven research process, the 360 View repository provides the means of compiling critical data regarding the trends and successes in technology. The 360 View repository provides access to industry trends, charts, reports, practice maps, and artifacts on numerous companies and products our engineers source and review to help make educated decisions about the solutions and offerings best suited to meet the needs of each customer’s business challenge.

How will you innovate?

Innovation Labs

Utilize our in-house expertise as an industry voice or guest speaker for opportunities to enrich and educate the teams across your business. Our experienced team of speakers cover multiple subject areas related to IT and business including a focus on Emerging Technology, Innovation, and IT & Business thought leadership.

Emerging Technologies Group

Looking at the latest innovations in the information technology/data management landscape, our Emerging Technologies Group evaluates, presents, and integrates leading-edge technologies into your current IT infrastructure. Let us deliver the systems and services best suited to your individual needs—100% ready for adoption within your organization.

Custom Research Group

Our Custom Research Group identifies key innovations in such critical areas as cloud computing and data architecture, with a focus on your company’s specific needs. We map this data against relevant market trends to map each innovation’s value. You can trust us to implement the IT solutions that are the future of your industry.