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Guy Podjarny, Founder Snyk – Pursuing through a catastrophic failure

"Teaching is a means of learning" - Guy Podjarny

Security teams sometimes need to tackle big transformations as they keep up with today’s threat landscape. This two-time Founder set out to make that transformation less intimidating. In this episode, our co-hosts Todd Gallina and Sandy Salty interview Guy Podjarny, the Founder and President of Snyk. The three of them discuss how Guy was able to overcome a catastrophic failure, the importance of winning over a user, and rethinking the way security teams defeat threats.

The conversation in this episode covers:

• The importance of Snyk’s dev-first posture

• Depth versus breadth in the world of cybersecurity

• Guy’s perspective on a company’s fundraising story

• The nuances of a product lead growth company

• The evolution of decision making within an IT organization

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