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The Public Cloud is one of the most innovative and revolutionary things to happen in the history of information technology. However, it can also be difficult to control financially and if mismanaged, can lead to missed expectations, budget overruns, and a loss of trust in the platform at the C-Suite level.
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Cloud Optimization

We Have the Solution

Trace3’s team of Certified FinOps practitioners has a proven, five-year track record helping customers understand and minimize their cloud spend across AWS, Azure, GCP, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspaces. Our white glove service, powered by wide expertise and industry-leading tooling, helps us become an extension of your in-house team to enable your continued success.

Cloud FinOps Services

A Certified FinOps Practitioner who leverages industry-leading FinOps tooling will become an extension of your in-house team.

They bring FinOps best practices and deep cloud provider knowledge to help you succeed financially across your cloud(s).

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Cloud FinOps Enablement

Our team of experts assess your in-house capabilities with curated workshops, facilitate strategic discussions between departments, and score your existing methodology against the FinOps Foundation’s best practices.

We work closely with your team to develop a structured go-forward plan for the next stage of your cloud FinOps maturity.

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Cloud Licensing Services

Trace3’s cloud licensing specialists evaluate your current cloud licensing commitments, eliminate unnecessary product subscriptions, and implement optimal, cost-effective solutions.

Let us guide you in maintaining control and compliance in your licensing requirements.

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Proven Results

Our Cloud FinOps Consulting Services Have Provided Clients With

Peace of Mind. Our team proactively monitors your environment, so you will never be surprised by cloud spend again, allowing engineering teams to focus on business priorities.
Cost Savings. We have a proven track record of achieving significant cost savings for our customers through FinOps best practices and controlled growth.
Trusted Advisor. We bring deep industry knowledge across cloud providers to become an extension of your in-house team, providing ongoing success while working with your stakeholders to drive accountability of cloud spend across your organization.
Expand Architectural Access. As part of the Trace3 Cloud Solutions Group, we can quickly engage our certified cloud experts to address your advanced engineering and architectural inquiries.

Client Testimonials

Our Client Successes Speak For Themselves

"Trace3’s FinOps services have been instrumental to our management of AWS infrastructure and costs."

Jack Swearhart—VP, Global Solutions Operations, Xylem
“Trace3’s extensive knowledge of AWS Savings Plans combined with the power of the CloudHealth platform enabled us to reduce our spend by over 15%.”

Lance Shinseki—Executive Director of IT, MyoKardia
“The Trace3 team has been a tremendous help in optimizing our spending within AWS. Their assistance allows our teams to keep focused on building our product while knowing that we have support to keep things in tune.”

Ryan Scott—CTO, AiBUY, Inc.
"The Trace3 Cloud FinOps team provided me with a great educational session on AWS Savings Plans and how they save significantly on AWS compute costs. The team has become a trusted advisor to IXLon optimizing our cloud spends.”

Eric McCrea—Senior Systems Administrator, IXL Learning

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