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Andrew Rubin, Founder of Illumio - Leveraging the "Zero Trust" Strategy

Inside the episode

Released July 19, 2021

"Passion is non-negotiable but doesn't carry you through everything." - Andrew Rubin

Celebrating a massive milestone - $225 million in Series F funding for Illumio - our guest today is startup guru and network security expert, Andrew Rubin. Illumio is at the bleeding edge of the cybersecurity maelstrom with their groundbreaking work in Zero Trust Segmentation.

Andrew offers up his entertaining insights on cyber security, his history as a successful entrepreneur and fashion investor, and paying it forward by mentoring up-and-coming founders.

This episode covers:

• Leveraging the “zero trust” strategy
• The importance of segmentation to prevent catastrophes
• CEOs and entrepreneurs are constantly trading notes, and constantly asking each other for advice
• The exciting world of investing in high fashion & being part of the Tory Burch phenom

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