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Arick Goomanovsky, Co-founder Ermetic - Reasons to Launch a Startup

Inside the episode

Released September 9, 2022

"FOMO is the WRONG reason to start a company." - Arick Goomanovsky

This Founder challenges others looking to start a business to ask themselves - Why do you want to start a company? Ermetic Co-Founder Arick Goomanovsky is a two-time founder who appreciates the ever-evolving journey of founding a company. In this episode, co-hosts Todd Gallina and Sandy Salty sit down with Arick to discuss the inner workings of launching Ermetic, a cloud security startup which has raised a total of $97.3M in funding over 4 rounds. Listen in with this founder and learn more about the different challenges between starting a services company versus a product company, and the power of people who help you think outside your own box, a good team, a unique culture, and open communication. 

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