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Armon Dadgar, Co-founder of HashiCorp - Changing Hats as a Founder

Inside the episode

Released August 16, 2021

"Most start-ups fail launching 1 product...we were starting 8." - Armon Dadgar

Big tech companies have their pros and cons; but compared to the freedom found in startups, the choice was a no-brainer for Armon.

In this episode, we interview Armon Dadgar, Co-founder and CTO at HashiCorp, about how his company gained success through a balanced relationship with the co-founder, seed money from trusted investors, and changing hats as the CTO to best fit the specific concerns of the quarter.

In this episode, we discuss:

• Armon’s journey to startups & HashiCorp’s origin
• Startup success & funding through friendship
• Changing hats as a founder
• The HashiCorp Employee Exchange and COVID-19 epiphanies
• Building an open source business vs. open source project

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