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Brian Wheeler, Co-founder of Morpheus Data - Already Having Your Dream Job Before Launching a Company

Inside the episode

Released June 21, 2021

"I have the greatest job in the world." - Brian Wheeler

Why would you launch a company when you’re already working at your dream job?

If you’re Brian Wheeler, the answer is simple: you can do both! Stay a partner at your day job while branching out to nurture a nascent side hustle. It was a win/win.

On this episode of The Founder Formula, we talk to Brian, who is a partner at Bertram Capital, and the cofounder of Morpheus Data, a cloud application management platform company, all about:

• Why he felt comfortable taking the leap and launching a company while working at his dream job
• The journey from creating an idea, to making that idea a reality
• Why you MUST be willing to put your own money into your idea if you’re going to be taken seriously
• Why there are SO many smart people in Colorado

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