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Ian Tien, Co-founder of Mattermost - How to Solve a Problem Before Knowing it Even Exists

Inside the episode

Released June 2, 2021

"The most important things about core values is to repeat them until they're boring." - Ian Tien

How do you know when you’ve built a winning culture? More importantly, how do you know when you’ve succeeded in instilling your core values across the entire company?

We’re talking this week to Ian Tien, CEO at Mattermost, an enterprise messaging workspace for teams to collaborate securely and effectively. Ian's career has taken him through various areas of the entertainment industry including founding Spinpunch, an independent game studio.

Our conversation on this episode centered all around:

• Building a company to address a customer need when YOUR company is the customer
• Listening to the market
• Building open source platforms and why they’re so beneficial
• The 5 core pillars of culture at Mattermost and why each one is crucial to their success

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