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Mike Pfeiffer, Founder of CloudSkills.io - Sharpening the Skills of Millions of Technologists

Inside the episode

Released July 5, 2021

"My true calling is to teach." - Mike Pfeiffer

For this Founder, getting out of the cubicle and teaching completely changed his life and his career.

Mike Pfeiffer is the CEO and Founder of CloudSkills.io, the most immersive cloud and devops learning community in the world. Mike realized as he was working in tech support and cloud architecture that his true calling is to teach, but on his own terms.

Our conversation on this episode covers:

• The importance of training and evolvement for businesses and individuals in technology
• The learning experiences that ultimately lead to entrepreneurship
• How to build an audience and continue impacting that audience
• The real scoop on authoring a book
• And, the rules of the dog park, as told by Todd Gallina and Sandy Salty

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