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Rehan Jalil, Three-Time Tech Founder - Knowing and Never Losing Sight of your Customer

Inside the episode

Released November 19, 2020

"Do not start a company for an exit. Start it to CREATE VALUE." - Rehan Jalil

Rehan is a successful three-time founder, holds an AMP from Harvard Business School, has over 25 patents either granted or pending, and was named one of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year finalists. So it’s safe to say that Rehan knows a thing or two about the founder’s journey, and we were blown away with the wisdom and practical advice he had for us during this interview.

We discussed, among other things:

• What to look for when assembling the winning founding team
• The most important part of the pitch
• The most gratifying moments for a founder
• The lessons he’s learned along the way that all founders should keep in mind

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