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Renen Hallak, Co-founder of VAST Data - Making Company Culture a Priority

Inside the episode

Released December 16, 2020

"We put enough pressure on ourselves; external pressure needs to be ignored." - Renen Hallak

In 2019, Renen Hallak was honored for entrepreneurship by Goldman Sachs at their annual Innovator Summit. His company also recently made the news by raising $100M in Series C Funding — so it’s safe to say that Renen knows a thing or two about being a successful founder.

We discussed, among other things:

• The key differences between the hardware and software company and how those experiences differ greatly
• The journey to four successful fundraising cycles and why the most recent $100M cycle was so unique
• The complex decisions that go into selecting a board of directors for your company
• Making company culture a foundation from day 1

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