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Vikram Kapoor, Co-founder Lacework – Navigating the Startup Marathon

Inside the episode

Released August 25, 2022

"Ironically for me, my best day and my worst day happened to be the same day." - Vikram Kapoor

This entrepreneur knows that to build a successful company, the clients’ experiences, motivations, issues, and mindset comes first. Vikram Kapoor, Co-founder and CTO of Lacework, talks about the origins of his customer-centric mentality in his journey of building a Series D funded technology startup.

Vikram tells co-hosts Sandy Salty and Todd Gallina about the most important factors in scaling Lacework - the shared principals and keeping a pulse on competition. Hear about the ins and outs of building a founding team, what happens at different capital funding stages, ups and downs in different global economic times, and a Founder’s Slack messaging strategy in this episode of the Founder Formula.

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