Empower Digital Learning Resources while Building a Smarter and Safer Network for Students

The E-rate program is an opportunity for schools and libraries to purchase security and networking technology at an affordable price. We help ensure that K-12 institutions across the United States are connected to information and resources through the internet.

Trace3 has a dedicated team of sellers and business analysts focused on the E-rate business. Representing multiple OEM’s, including the top three E-rate Category 2 hardware providers, we deliver world-class connection solutions.

Eligible Services

Access Technology and Enhance Network Infrastructures to Prepare for Future Needs

Telecommunication Services: Schools and libraries have maximum flexibility to choose among different types of commercially-available telecommunication services for both voice and data.

Internet Access: Services for accessing the Internet are eligible for discounts.

Internal Connections — Bringing the Technology into the Learning Environment: Basic installation and maintenance of a network are eligible for discounts.

Assisting Since 2012

Over the Past Seven Funding Years, Trace3 Has Supported 63 Unique Opportunities in the Midwest

We understand the requirements and challenges that our customers face and how to effectively leverage this USAC process helping to build robust infrastructures that provide the platform for student achievement.

Navigating the Bid Process

We Are Skilled at Managing the Process for Both Consultants and End Users

After a bid has been selected as the most cost-effective service offering for one or more of the services requested on an FCC Form 470 and/or request for proposal (RFP), we assist the applicant school district and its consultant with the remainder of the application process.

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