Warehouse and Integration Center


The Trace3 SmartDeployment offering was built to streamline product configurations, shorten lead times, and reduce time to production for our customers. With over 80,000 square feet of combined warehouse and integration capacity, the infrastructure is in place to provide enterprise class capabilities around staging, integration, and logistics.

Reduce long lead times from months to days. Proactively schedule product deployments to desired dates. Configure multi-vendor solutions and accelerated project deployments. Leverage supply chain and inventory offerings to drastically reduce cost. Remove logistical challenges both domestically and internationally.
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Large technology deployments that require shipments to multiple manufacturers or numerous locations can create several hurdles for organizations to overcome. Simplify your IT deployments by utilizing our warehouse to store equipment until you need it delivered. By working with our sales team, you can plan and coordinate shipping schedules to one or multiple locations, and know your product is arriving to the right place at the right time.

Integration Services

Reduce the cost and complexity of on-site deployments and installations by leveraging our integration facility. Let us handle the prerequisites of imaging, quality control and remediation, asset tagging, remote access, system documentation, rack and stack, and OS loads required before products hit your dock. Leaving you to have a true plug-n-play solution upon delivery.

Global Logistics

Transporting products from one place to another is not always a simple task. International shipments can be daunting and confusing with VAT taxes and importer of record paperwork. Data center moves are risky and have tight windows for execution. Shipping high-end enterprise equipment may carry risk and impact sensitive equipment. With our logistics service, you can count on your products arriving safely to the correct destination on time.

Supply Chain Services

Leverage the Trace3 supply chain capabilities to streamline your procurement. With Trace3 supply chain services we can customize a program to meet your business needs and reduce lead times from months to days. Ensuring projects are deployed in a predictable and scheduled manner.

Integration Services

Rack and Roll

  • Device Labeling
  • Logical Configurations
  • Physically Rack and Stack
  • Power and Network Labeling

Networking Devices

  • Configuration
  • Software Updates
  • Burn-in and Remediation

Servers & Storage

  • Software Updates
  • Stress Test and Remediation
  • OS Load (Windows, LINUX, ESXi)
  • Systems Documentation & Labeling

Client Device Services

  • Imaging
  • Asset Tagging
  • Device HW Upgrades


  • Remote VPN Access
  • Configured Out of Band Management

Disposal Services

  • IT Recycling
  • Drive Shredding
  • Certified Drive Erasure EAL 2+
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Rack and Roll

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