Prevent Hackers From Exploiting Your Weakest Link: Employees

July 14, 2021

Have you ever wondered how a hacker can spend less than $10 and break into a company that spends millions on IT security and defense? Hackers infiltrate a company’s network through its most valued – and also its weakest – security link: people. Your employees’ personal relationship with technology presents a risk to the business that requires a hard look at what hackers are doing, how you can be prepared for the next attack, and what your organization can do to triage and remediate after an attack.

With 73 percent of Americans having already experienced cybercrime personally, businesses must be concerned with how that breach extends to their employees’ workplace. In this event, we’ll examine what’s occurring and also look at ways to address the problem while enabling employees to protect themselves personally in today’s digital world (and we aren’t talking about phishing emails).

Topics covered:

  • Investing in employee IT security and privacy at home ~ it is good for business
  • Maintaining an accurate and reliable inventory of employee devices
  • Performing account takeover activities often