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MAY, 2020

Data Protection in a Multi-Cloud World

Trace3 and Zerto hold a virtual discussion on Data Protection in a Multi-Cloud World.

Since all risks cannot be eliminated, implementing disaster recovery and business continuity plans to prepare for disruptive events is more important today than ever. BC/DR processes provide detailed strategies on how an organization will function after severe interruptions and/or disasters to the business.

What should an organization consider when implementing business continuity and disaster recovery plans in a multi-cloud world? How do organizations ensure maximum up-time of provided services when they encounter interruptions such as data center outages, loss of data/data corruption etc.? What available tools are there for on-premise and public cloud environments that will provide peace of mind in the event of a disruption?

Learn About:

  • BC/DR Definitions – They don’t mean the same thing?
  • Evolution of BC/DR
  • Multi-Cloud Considerations
  • Application Awareness & Software Tools

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MAY, 2020

Understanding the Zero Trust Framework

Trace3 and Cisco provide training on the Zero Trust Framework. Learn how micro-segmentation, data protection, and identity management play a crucial role in protecting modern environments.

During this webinar we discuss:

  • WORKFORCE - Ensure only the right users and secure devices can access applications
  • WORKLOADS - Secure all connections within your apps across multi-cloud
  • WORKPLACE - Secure all user and device connections across networks, including IoT

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APRIL, 2020

The State of the Industry in Storage and Data Protection

Trace3, Cisco, and Cohesity provide valuable information aimed at helping organizations understand and implement best practices with their on-premise & cloud data footprint.

Harnessing resources, gathering consensus, and developing direction to drive and sustain cloud initiatives is challenging for many IT leaders. More and more businesses are launching cloud initiatives to drive efficiency, scale, garner flexibility, and gain competitive advantage.

Topics covered:

  • Industry-leading technologies for protecting and managing on-premise and cloud datasets
  • Managing more data with fewer headaches
  • Harnessing the cloud for data storage…the right way!

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APRIL, 2020

Protecting Your End User - Productivity From Home

Trace3 and Palo Alto Networks provide information about the importance of securing your end-users while keeping them productive at home.

Every year we get closer to a truly mobile society. Many positions, once thought to be only serviceable from an office building, are moving into home offices. With organizations rapidly moving employees out of the traditional office environment to slim down on expenses or because of a pandemic, protecting the end-user, and protecting the company remain vital concerns.

Your cybersecurity program needs to remain vigilant and evolve to the world we are living in. This session addresses these top-of-mind security challenges and provides practical ideas to help secure your environment against these threats.

The presenter:

Brad Bussie is an award-winning sixteen-year veteran of the information security industry. He is an author, security strategist, and industry thought leader. He holds an undergraduate degree in information systems security and an MBA in technology management. Brad possesses premier certifications from multiple vendors, including the CISSP from ISC2. He has a deep background in architecting solutions for identity/access management, vulnerability management, governance, risk, and compliance. Brad has spoken at industry events around the globe and has helped commercial, federal, intelligence, and DoD leaders solve complex security issues.

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APRIL, 2020

Shifting Your Workforce to Remote without Compromising Organization Security

Bryan Kissinger, PhD., CISO and VP of Security Solutions at Trace3 dives into the attack trends witnessed during high-profile events, like COVID-19. He is joined by Niall Browne, SVP, CISO at Palo Alto Networks for a discussion on best practices to protect your organization from recently seen attack techniques - Phishing, Data and Identity Theft, Ransomware, and more!

We are living in complicated and confusing times for many Americans. With organizations waking up to a changing economic outlook, perhaps cybersecurity isn't top of mind. But cybersecurity is the foundation upon which so many digital services are delivered and how we connect and communicate. It must be a top priority.

Your cybersecurity program needs to remain vigilant and evolve to the world we are living in. This session addresses these top-of-mind security challenges and provides practical ideas to help secure your environment against these threats.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Recent attack trends - phishing, data and identity theft, ransomware
  • Best practices to secure your remote workforce
  • Security training for new remote users

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Secure The Cloud with Trace3 & Palo Alto

With the rapid evolution of applications moving to the cloud, decentralization of IT infrastructure, and the increased threat landscape, the result has been a loss of visibility and control for organizations. Cybercrime and the types of security threats continue to evolve, challenging organizations to keep up as network boundaries and attack surfaces expand. At the same time, application development and IT operations teams are accelerating the delivery of new applications to drive business growth.

We explore how Palo Alto Networks can provide a seamless security strategy from cloud to data center to endpoint.

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Dell EMC PowerVault and HPE MSA: Simple, Fast, Affordable Storage

Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 and HPE MSA storage platforms raise the bar for entry-level storage, accelerating your applications and unlocking new capabilities. Offering powerful feature sets including all-flash capabilities, replication, snapshots, simple HTML5 UIs, and vast protocol support these platforms bring high-end storage at an affordable price.

What the webinar covers:

  • Powerful storage at an entry-level price
  • Simplified and easy to use UIs
  • Flash-enabled storage
  • Use cases ranging from virtual machine primary storage, tier-2 workloads, to backup repositories

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Modernizing Your Data Center with Dell EMC PowerEdge MX

More and more IT teams are recognizing the importance of flexible, on-demand and dynamic IT infrastructure as a means to critical business ends: better efficiency, new sources of revenue and the agility to pivot with market changes.

Trace3 and Dell EMC explore the latest data center modernization trends and the benefits of going modern with Dell EMC PowerEdge MX high-density servers.

What the webinar covers:

  • The evolution of the data center
  • A technical deep dive of the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX platform
  • Colocation and the benefits of a modern data center

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AUGUST, 2019

HPE Primera Storage

Primera is the new innovative Tier-0 storage platform from HPE that got unveiled at Discover this year. It combines superior performance along with HPE Infosight Analytics to provide simplified management and upgrade processes, all while being customer self-installable and self-maintainable. This array is truly a game-changer. HPE has reset the bar for storage and what we should expect from it!

During this webinar we discuss:

  • What is Primera and how does it do all this wonderful stuff!
  • What is the 100% uptime guarantee and is it too good to be true?
  • What will this do for my business?
  • Latest updates from the rest of the HPE Storage family including dHCI and Simplivity

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JULY, 2019

What's New with Veeam

Veeam built a fantastic foundation with their Backup and Replication platform. In this webinar, we review how Veeam has expanded their portfolio to solve the needs of many organizations with their simple yet powerful and effective approach to backup and disaster recovery.

In this session, we highlight:

  • Updates from the current 9.5 update 4 release
  • How Veeam is #1 in Cloud Data Management
  • How to protect your Office 365 data with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365
  • How to increase your disaster recovery capabilities with Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2

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JUNE, 2019

Trace3 Evolve Pitch Stage Winner: BigPanda: Succeeding with AIOps

IT Ops is drowning in too much noise, too many events, and too many tickets and notifications. Enterprises are paying the price with increased costs, decreased performance and availability, and increased risk to new digital initiatives.

BigPanda, an AIOps platform trusted by some of the most demanding enterprises in the world, including Intel, Workday, and United Airlines, can help.

BigPanda CRO Bryan Dell - the winner of Trace3's Pitch Stage at Evolve - talks about:

  • The state of IT Operations today
  • How BigPanda can help
  • Why starting with BigPanda is the best way to successfully adopt and benefit from AIOps

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JUNE, 2019

Software Defined Networking

Compute and Storage have undergone drastic changes in the direction of "software-defined" with the network stack being largely unchanged in the past 15 years. Join us for a discussion on the current state of SDN, how we got here as well as land on a common middle ground for defining one of the biggest buzzwords in today’s modern networks. This session also reviews many of the main players in the competitive landscape and the deltas associated with each.

Webinar topics:

  • Brief history and current state
  • What constitutes SDN?
  • Who are the players?
  • Access
  • Data center
  • SD-WAN
  • Crawl, walk, run approach to implementation

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MAY, 2019

Storage Spaces Direct

Storage Spaces Direct is a feature introduced in Windows Server 2016 that extends the software-defined storage (SDS) stack in Windows Server to enable building highly-available (HA) storage systems with local storage. In this webinar, we discuss the basics of Storage Spaces Direct and what differentiates it from other software-defined storage platforms, provide a brief demonstration of the solution, and discuss the updates in Windows Server 2019.

In this webinar, learn about:

  • Sizing and resiliency - what you need to know about configuration limits and resiliency recommendations
  • Growth and expansion - how to scale up and out with S2D
  • Best practices - overview of Microsoft recommendations for hardware configuration
  • Recommended hardware platforms - converged and hyper-converged configurations and use cases for both

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